SP65145XXX – Water type 6 RO water purifier with box

General information :

6 types of RO water purifier type can be imported from Europe and distributed by Vinsols Vietnam Joint Stock Company.
6-level AQUAFILTER RO water purifier is located under the sink, providing clean drinking water for immediate consumption.
The machine includes hoses, filters and pumps. Parts of the filter are certified by NSF and WRAS standards.
Filter capacity of up to 284 liters of water per day. Filters can filter most contaminants in water such as lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals, including bacteria and viruses.
Made in: Poland
* Characteristics :

High quality, Made in EU
Manufactured and tested at factory before shipment
Easy to install, maintain
Water filter material complies with FDA CFR-21
* Specification:

Filter Size: H400 x W200 x L420 (mm)
Dimensions of container: H380 x D280 (mm)
Working water pressure: 0.34 – 5.53 bar (~ 3.4 – 55m)
The container contains 12 liters (345 mm x 235 mm)


Filter level lọc Description Funtion Filter replacement time
Level 1 20 μm filter core Function: Remove mud, rust, raw impurities, size> 20μm 6 Months
Level 2 Active filter activated carbon Decontamination, removal of heavy metals, organic matter, insecticides and odors 9 Months
Level 3 PP filter 1μm Function: Remove mud, rust, raw impurities, size> 1μm 12 Months
Level 4 RO filter 0.0001 μm Completely removes solids, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, bacteria 3 Months
Level 5 Carbon filter after the RO filter Make the taste of water improve further 18 Months
Level 6 Composite cores Make the taste of water improve further… 18 Months