EXCITO – CL – Alkaline Water Purifier

Products that make Alkaline water healthy (alkaline water, 8.5 <PH <10)>

* General introduction

EXCITO-CL Water Purifier – Alkaline Water Purifier is imported complete from Europe and distributed by Company Hedo Asia., Co Ltd of Cambodia .
A professional water purifier produces Alkaline water (alkaline water, 8.5 <PH <10) that targets the health of the family.
Alkaline water and ionized water are the antioxidants that reduce the aging process. Reduce the growth of tumors and canc er. In addition, it is beneficial for the body’s pH, creating an alkaline environment that reduces atherosclerosis.
Alkaline water and ionized water add minerals to the body such as calcium, magnesium, lithium … health benefits.
In addition to producing Alkaline water and ionized water, EXCITO-CL removes contaminants that make water unclean (eg sand, rust), chlorine, organic residues, heavy metals and improves the taste of water.
EXCITO-CL optimizes BACinix ™ Nano silver technology to kill bacteria, viruses.
Made in: Poland
* Characteristics

High quality, Made in EU
Reduce ORP, increase pH of water (alkaline water)
Kill bacteria and prevent the growth of bacteria
The latest silver nanoparticle technology BACINIX ™ kill bacteria
Compact and easy to install
Filter material conforms to US FDA CFR-21 standards
Transparent filter case
Improves odor and taste of water
100% tested at factory before shipment
* Specifications

Filter Size: H438 x W100 x L360 (mm)
Flow rate 2.8 liters / minute (equivalent to 4000l / day)
Maximum working water pressure is 6 bar
Filter Description Action Filter replacement time
Level 1 PP filter 1μm Function: Remove mud, rust, raw impurities, size> 1μm 6 months
Grade II Ion exchange core Reduce hardness of water for 9 months
Level 3 2-in-1 core: Carbon and water treatment materials Reduce the amount of chlorine in water, remove organic impurities
Reduce iron and heavy metals, pesticides, organic matter and improve the taste of water for 12 months
Level 4 Alkaline & ORP core
Improves the taste of water

Reduce ORP to -100m
Produces alkaline water PH = 9 to 10

18 months
Tier 5 2-in-1 filter: Carbon and nano silver BACINIX (Aquafilter’s intellectual property) Improves the taste of water again
Antimicrobial and inhibit the growth of bacteria 18 months