About Us

Aquafilter was founded in 1984, which is headquartered in Poland.
With over 30 years of research team in the field of water purification, the best quality water has become a trusted leader and has supplied over 50 countries worldwide. All Aquafilter products are accepted based on NSF-WRAS-Water Quality -IWA and EU standards.
Aquafilter has been working on ultra-modern research on water purification systems such as UF-Nano-RO and UV, which has a daily requirement for body minerals.
The purpose of Aquafilter is to produce water for health and economics. If you can not decide what kind of equipment can be advised, experienced consultants from our company can provide you anytime.
Aquafilter We will provide you with the newest and best.

Aquafilter continues to produce products of the highest quality, latest technology and reliable operation to bring to customers around the world at reasonable cost.

Purchasing contact:
Showroom: #120,St.271,Sangkat Steng Menchey,Khan.Menchey,Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Consultant’s office: 098 999 868, 092 8666669
Phone: 016 777 080